The Ultimate Zales Guide (eBook) – By Zed Nasheet




One of the biggest questions I get is:

” How do I make sales consistently and continue to grow my business? ”

So I finally put together my Z.TALK that will show you how to do just that. 💰

The Closing & Negotiations Scripts.

This Is How You Become A CLOZER.

The Clozing & Negotiations Scripts teaches you the 20+ negotiation scripts you need to play the game and close the deal from day one.

  • Master Zeds objection handling scripts  and take a proactive approach to your deals from the moment your prospect becomes a lead . Understand the types, styles, and tactics of negotiation to win in ANY situation. Walk away from every transaction knowing you got a great deal that left EVERYONE happy (and set the stage for referrals and repeat business) .
  • Close deals FASTER and MORE EASILY so you can earn more money


You’ll walk away being able to:

✅ Guide your prospects directly from lead to client, taking the fastest path possible to CLOSE
✅ WIN in any situation when you’re able to use all types, styles, and tactics of negotiation to your advantage
✅ Become the authority in your negotiations by using your body language, word choice, and etiquette to influence the power dynamic
✅ Cloze deals faster and make more money when you become a CLOZER

If I told you that you could start closing more deals, faster, today, why would you wait?

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